Second major update released

Dear Community,

as you can see, we are still working on Citadels. Today we provide the second major update with the following changes:

- Fixed a bug leading to a crash located in the Northumbria map which was found in the save/load function
- Fixed a bug leading to a crash located in the “Holding the Coast” map which was found in the save/load function
- Fixed a bug which made the player see enemy buildings through the fog of war
- Fixed a bug which did not allow to deconstruct unfinished walls
- General stability improvement within the skirmish maps
- Fixed a bug which prevented peasants from building gates correctly
- Fixed a bug leading to a crash which appeared when the player tried to deconstruct a wall while units were still on the wall
- Fixed the crashbug which let the game crash once the game was saved
- Fixed a bug which caused catapults to destroy the castle if they were mounted on the castle
- Fixed a bug which caused peasants not being able enter resource buildings
- Questlog in “Holding the Coast” updates correctly now
- Enemy stone walls now have a texture which shows that the wall is damaged
- Fixed a bug which made it impossible to choose Merlin as a card prior to a mission
- Fixed a bug which caused peasants not being able to work on the same segment of a wall while constructing
- Questlog in “The End of an Era” now updates correctly

Kind regards,
Your bitComposer Team

First major update released

Dear Community!

As previously announced, the Citadels patch is now ready for download. The following changes have made:

-          Fixed the bug preventing the game updating the Quest in “Knights Advance” mission

-          General stability improved

-          Fixed a bug leading to crash once the Exit button was pressed

-          Fixed a bug leading to low frame rates when expanding a wall while constructing

-          Fixed a bug which lead to crash sometimes when changing the resolution ingame.

-          Fixed a bug which automatically changed the difficulty when entering the next map

-          Fixed a bug preventing sometimes to finish the map “The Gold Rush”

-          Archers are now able to mount walls

-          Fixed a bug leading to a crash sometimes when a peasant was assigned to repair a building

-          Reduced the issue that peasants get stuck while mining

-          Reduced the difficulty in “The Landing”

-          Fixed a bug which lead to attachments still being visible after being deconstructed

-          Catapults slowed down

-          Archers now do not damage own buildings anymore while firing

-          Some graphical issues visible on walls, gates and towers have been fixed.

-          Fixed a bug which made towers invincible while being upgraded

-          Fixed a bug leading to a crash while saving a game.

-          Fixed a bug within the window mode which lead to a crash sometimes.

-          Catapult-bug fixed which lead to the situation where the catapult got stuck and
turned around in a loop.
We will continue working on the game to improve the gameplay experience.

Kind regards,

Your bitComposer Team

bitComposer on the current Status of Citadels

Dear Community,

we have been following the discussions in regards to the release of Citadels. Please be assured that we are aware of the performance issues and that the development team and us are already working on a solution.

Your critics and comments are very helpful to improve the product quality and enhance the playability.

We will be back with more updates and information shortly.


Your bitComposer Team


bitComposer brings the Arthurian legend back to life in Citadels!

Citadels invites fans of real-time strategy games and medieval sagas to pick sides: starting today, you decide whether to join the forces of good or evil and rewrite the entire Arthurian legend in the process. The game is available on Steam as a downloadable PC game, and as well as in a boxed retail version for € 39.99, $ 39.99, £ 37.99.

Citadels contains multiple campaigns that put players into one of two roles: either a member of King Arthur’s entourage as he enters into the decisive battle against his archenemy, or as a collaborator of Mordred and his allies in their attempts to subjugate the kingdom. The players can take advantage of powerful castles, moats and defensive structures, as well as well-equipped armies and powerful siege weapons. Additional support in battle comes through the historical characters as well: those aligning themselves with King Arthur can secure the aid of Merlin, the legendary magician and royal advisor. He provides a significant starting bonus for any scenario.

Those who cast their lots with Mordred and his allies, by contrast, can earn the services of King Guthrum – a fearsome warrior who supports the troops where the battle rages thickest.

For more information on Citadels, please visit the Citadels Facebook fan page at

Citadels Making of

bitComposer is allowing fans a behind the scenes look at Citadels

A mighty fortress stands with a moat and defensive structures, and before it, an army that is determined to storm its fastness with siege engines. Attackers and defenders scramble to get their units into position shortly before the battle erupts.  This is the world of Citadels and the tale of King Arthur and his struggle against Mordred and his allies.

Fans of strategy games will be thrilled to discover that a making-of feature is in production, in which the chief developer, Jürgen Reußwig, will introduce Citadels and its features in several episodes. In order to shorten the waiting time, bitComposer Games is releasing fresh screenshots of this medieval real time strategy game as of today.

bitComposer Games and Games Distillery will release Citadels by the end of the third quarter 2013 for PC. The game will be available as a download on Steam and in a boxed version for retail sales.


More information on Citadels is available on the Citadels Facebook fan-page at