Citadels Making of

bitComposer is allowing fans a behind the scenes look at Citadels

A mighty fortress stands with a moat and defensive structures, and before it, an army that is determined to storm its fastness with siege engines. Attackers and defenders scramble to get their units into position shortly before the battle erupts.  This is the world of Citadels and the tale of King Arthur and his struggle against Mordred and his allies.

Fans of strategy games will be thrilled to discover that a making-of feature is in production, in which the chief developer, Jürgen Reußwig, will introduce Citadels and its features in several episodes. In order to shorten the waiting time, bitComposer Games is releasing fresh screenshots of this medieval real time strategy game as of today.

bitComposer Games and Games Distillery will release Citadels by the end of the third quarter 2013 for PC. The game will be available as a download on Steam and in a boxed version for retail sales.


More information on Citadels is available on the Citadels Facebook fan-page at